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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> thank you for joining us on this friday. we have bill live picture. the snow is coming down. it is our very light snow. >> the first snow of the new year has arrived. we have just one school delay. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. brian is in the early to tell us the latest on the forecast. >> it will be wrapping up. i just got off the phone with a nice lady. the main roads are fine. she was out walking her dog. it was slippery. we do not want to give people a soft sense of security. let's take you over to the radar. our snow and we're seeing light to moderate over here. west of bowie, to district heights. also a band working its way down to the south and west to the springfield area over near 234 and the fairfax county parkway. you see the numbers. there range from freezing to near 30 degrees. -- they range from freezing to near 30 degrees. you can see the snow the pushed through last night. it continues to march eastward. we will seek a gradual clearing. probably about half an inch to
the full reports and early next week here in washington, heel convene a meeting with all of the agencies involved. >>> international travelers can expect heightened security measures at least through monday. the transportation security administration has extended its emergency measures that include a patdown of all planes boarded for the u.s. senior airport officials will meet with airport executives around the world for security for u.s.-bound flights. >>> sources tell abc news that the suicide bomber that killed seven cia acts in afghanistan was invited on to the base and was not searched. the bomber was seen as a possible informant but blew himself up. in addition to the seven officers killed, six others were seriously injured in the worst attack on the intelligence agency in more than 25 years. >> this is say tremendous loss for the agency. the agency is a relatively small organization and its expertise on al qaeda is even a smaller subset of that overall group. >> the cia and u.s. military are working more closely than ever with afghans to improve training and intelligence gathering
. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. >>> we begin with shock waves traveling from massachusetts to washington and beyond. >> a republican captured ted kennedy's seat. a stunning defeat for the democrats and viviana hurtado is joining us from washington. >> reporter:ood morning. the president called scott brown to congratulate him but with health care reform legislation hanging in the balance this republican win was a very bitter pill for mr. obama and democrats to swallow. it's being called one of the biggest politil upsets in history, republican scott brown defeated democrat martha coakley to take the senate seat held by the late ted kennedy for nearly 50 years. it puts health care reform, president obama's signature issue in peril. >> one thing is very, very clear as i travel throughout the state people do thought want the trillion dollar health care plan that is being forced. >> reporter: in a state where democrats outnumber republicans three to one and independent voters outnumber them both she was slammed 52-47%. >> this is the deal, although our campaign ends tonight, we know that our m
controlled washington. rick klein lass the details. >> reporter: good morning, this one was never supposed to be close. but republicans within striking diance of taking ted kennedy's old senate seat, that has republicans thrilled and democrats scrambling to hold on. >> while no one can replace him, i need your help to follow in his huge footsteps. >> reporter: democrat martha coakley is relying on big political gun. a call to arms for the democratic base while republican scott brown is pitching himself as 9 ultate one-party check on the rule in washington. >> we can send an important messe to washington that business as usual is not how we want to do it. >> reporter: at stake is the democratic party 60-seat place in the senate. a loss would be a severe setback to virtually all of the legislature's efforts. it would sends a huge warning signal about the limits of the president's political poll and the downside of the health care bill. independent voters will be critical on election day, republican brown is expecting to win them but by how much? and how much will show up for the election wit
or washington. and it's a chilly 41 in south florida. >> viviana hurtado has more on the longest cold snap in a generation. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow combined with windchill temps in the negative number, it's one of the most severe arctic blasts to wallop the nation in 25 years. >> average is twice a day since new year's. >> reporter: in fulton new york, the snow hasn't stopped since december 28th. more than 50 inches have fallen and more on the way, almost three-quarters of the country is under a winter weather watch or warning. in tennessee where overnight lows hit 12, at least four have died from the cold. >> from hypothermia is commonplace in these temperatures. >> reporter: in new jersey ice and the cooling system forced the shutdown of a nuclear power plant. in central florida today will be the fifth morning of near or freezing temperatures. to save their citrus crops farmers are spraying warm water on the lower branches because the freezing process keeps the fruit warm. >> i didn't have a good sleep last night and i will not have a good sleep tonight. we're just -- just
obama is on his way back to washington for a full agenda to begin his post-holiday week. >> topping it is terrorism, and we have several reports this morning, sonia gallego in london, but viviana hurtado with new security rules. >> designed to focus on those who pose the largest threat. >> reporter: at another sign at the nation's airports, travelers were delayed sunday evening for at least two hours at the airport after a man walked the wrong way in a security exit. >> the public just has no confidence anymore in the ability of government to provide a safe environment which avelers can fly. >> reporter: there will be extra screening for passengers with passports from or who have traveled from nations that the u.s. sees suspect such as yemen. the a additional screening also for those who fly from what the government decide are like tehran. >> i suspect they will broaden the definitions. >> reporter: but critics say these heightened security measures still won't detect the bomb materials such as sewn into the underwear of umar farouk abdulmutallab. the system failed but insists an ob
trying to do too much? viviana hurtado joins us now from washington with all the details. good morning, viviana. >> reporte good morning, vinita, jeremy. the president has seen skepticism with his plans soar. so, he went back to a familiar theme, change and hope. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president delivered the state of the union address with confidence. but awareness that an increasing number of americans aren't buying into his agenda. >> for these americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough. some are frustrated. some are angry. >> reporter: mr. obama focused an americans' frustration with the weak economy. and concerns about the ballooning trillion-dollar deficit. he proposed spending freezes, tax cuts for the struggling middle class, and ways to put people back to work. >> jobs must be our number one focus for 2010. that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: republicans during much of the speech, by staying seated. and the gop response was delivered by bob mcdonnell, who was recently elected as virginia's new gov
the game in washington as this week begins. >> instead of talking about terrorism or health care, political circles are buzzing about a number of bombshells from the 2008 presidential campaign. >> reporter: the most shocking revelation in game change is forcing harry reid to play damage control. reid was quoted as saying america was ready to, quote, have a light-skinned african. reid apologized over the weekend, and president obama accepted. >> there is the standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it comes from anyone else, it's raceism. >> reporter: michael steele and others said when trent lott placed the views in 2002, lott was forced to resign as senate leader. saying, quote, if you tell ethnic jokes in the back room, it's that much easier to say ethnic jokes publicly. there's dirty laundry from both parties. when john mccain announced sarah palin as his running mate, dick cheney is quoted as calling it wrecking. still it may be those in the white house with the most fires to put out. president obam
immediately and firmly apply their brakes. t.j. winick, abc news, washington. >>> aftershocks continue to terrify the people of haiti. just offshore, the u.s. navy hospital ship, "comfort," is adding more medical personnel to its crew and increasing its capacity. more than 1,400 planes are waiting for clearance to land and bring more aid to haiti. the government is also working on relocating some 400,000 people left homeless to settlement camps. >>> and tonight here on abc, you can see the hope for haiti telethon, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. organizers say in addition to the all-star entertainment lineup, 130 celebrities will be taking pledges over the phone. >>> the tennessee man accused of killing a soldier outside a recruiting center last year now wants to plead guilty. and for the first time, abdulhakim muhammad is admitting he has ties to al qaeda. this comes from a handwritten note. in it, he tries to justify the attack. muhammad says it was the justification of killing muslims by u.s. troops. >>> house speaker nancy pelosi is throwing in the towel of health care reform. she
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> senator-elect. mr. brown goes to washington. as both parties look for lessons from his stunning victory. >>> then, stay the course. the president says he got the message delivered by voters in massachusetts. but it won't change his agenda. it's an abc news exclusive. >>> and no relief. more punishing weather pounds california. and this morning could bring the worst yet. >> it's thursday, january 21st, 2010. >>> good morning. i'm eric horng. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. >> and i'm vinita nair. the new senator from massachusetts begins making his rounds on capitol hill today. >> both sides of the aisle are trying to figure out what scott brown's stunning victory means for them. viviana hurtado has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning. one of the big questions being asked today after the brown win, which party can gain momentum for the races scheduled later this year? and for the legislative agenda? the winds of political change that swept scott brown to victory in massachusetts, are already shaking up the washington a
hurtado in washington. >>> we're joined by skype by tim taylor. you're ate hospital, a very unique situation. we understand your hospital can handle up to 100 patients. right now, you only have a handful, how can that be? >> the frustration that we're having here in milot, is that the many locations in and around port-au-prince that are trying to handle some of these critical care cases aren't secure, and it's creating some problems for the coast guard and other relief teams getting the people out of those areas and into an area that's very, very safe. the frustration, as we have full implement of medical teams here, orthopedic surgeons and trauma teams, that have flown in from the united states, as well as our own haitian doctors and nurses. i mean, we could be in operation 24/7. my surgeons are just sitting here on their hands waiting for patients while they're dieing in port-au-prince. when a patient comes in here, they're treated with dignity and given every opportunity to survive. in two or three days, the majority of the people we could save are going to be dead. and there is
, san antonio and corpus christi. downpours in washington state from seattle to olympia. sunny and warm in southern california, with gusty winds and morning fog. >> above-normal temperatures in most of the country. around 50 in new york and baltimore. and 76 in miami. 30s in detroit, chicago and the twin cities. it's 26 in fargo. and 47 in billings. 50s from seattle to sacramento. and 72 in phoenix. >>> and when we come back, the fbi's warning about phony charities asking for your money to send to haiti. how to spot a scam. >>> and wall street's bonuse >>> welcome back. barely a year after taxpayers bailed out the financial system, banks are set to pay their people more money than ever. "the wall street journal" reports workers at 38 top firms will earn about $145 billion for last year. that's up 18% from 2008. and slightly more than the record year of 2007. backlash over huge bonuses led president obama on thursday to propose a $90 billion tax on the top 50 financial firms to make up for losses on the bank bailout. >>> shares of intel are set to rise today. and they could take the rest
to be fired today. >> viviana hurtado in washington. >>> in another security failure, today, we could see the videotape showing sunday's breach at newark airport. the breach led to near chaos as all passengers were rescreened. and the tape shows a man seeing a female passenger off to get one last kiss. the man snuck under a security rope. the lawmakers are demanding upgrades in the security system. >>> the other big story we're following this morning, is the arctic air covering two-thirds of the country. the nasty weather has led to six deaths. the dakotas endured windchills of below 5 degrees overnight. chicago is expecting the heaviest snowfall of the year so far. single-dilgt windchills are expected expect houston and new orleans. and cold air drop in from canada, bringing low temperatures to boston and orlando today. barbara pinto, has more. >> reporter: the massive arctic blast is bringing bitter cold and bitter consequences. in indianapolis, frozen hydrants ve firefighters a late start against the flames. relentless snow and frigid temperatures are taking their toll. plows in a neve
, as well as the required use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets. the top three, washington, d.c., new jersey and illinois. the worst three state, south dakota, arizona and north dakota. in the past ten years, 40,000 americans were killed and 3.5 million were injured each year in auto accidents. many of the victims are children whose parents are now among the most vocal advocates. >> through basic immaturity and a false sense of invincibility is all too often a deadly combination behind the wheel. >> reporter: nationwide, the economic cost of car crashes is $630 million each day. and $20 billion in the past decade. >> staggering amounts there. thank you. >>> senate majority leader harry reid says he just wants to move on. reid has apologized publicly for his comments about barack obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. the democrat is quoted in a new book as calling candidate obama a light-skinned black man with no neg ro dialect unless he wanted to have one. reid says his apology is the last he'll say about the matter. >> i've apologized to the president, i've apologized to every
. >> expected to reveal new steps to strengthen the security system. viviana hurtado joins us from washington with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and linsey. it focuses on two questions, what went wrong is one. the cia, the national security agency, and the state department, this is a partial list of the agencies the president is demanding give him an accounting of the nation's security after the foiled christmas day terror plot. >> we are not satisfied. we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a whole of government review. >> reporter: today in the situation room fbi director robert mueller will give the president an update on the investigation. attorney general eric holder will report on the prosecution of umar farouk abdulmutallab. then there are the reviews the president ordered of the airport screening system including the new measures being implemented which will be provided by homeland security secretary janet napolitano and the intelligence community's failures presented by john brennan, his top counterterrorism adviser. >> i think
in the first place. >> viviana hurtado joins us from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. the president said this was not one person's, but a systemwide failure. the president assigned and took blame for the intelligence and security failures connected to the christmas day terror plot. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: later today, the alleged bomber is scheduled to be arraigned in a federal court. the declassified version of the president's security and intelligence report, points to agency failures that allowed abdulmutallab, come close to blowing up an airplane. conclusions from the review include, the government had sufficient information before the attack to disrupt the 23-year-old nigerian to prevent boarding the flight to detroit. the government's terror watchlist system failed. the president's top counterterrorism chief took responsibility and pledged to do better. >> i told the presiden
hurtado has the details from washington. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. the economy is weak. health care reform legislation is stalled. but in the state of the union address, the president is expected to focus on moving forward. for a nation demanding more be done about jobs, president obama said, his state of the union address will focus on ways to put people back to work. >> we still lost 7 million jobs. and so, you know, i understand why the american people, their attitude is not, it could have been worse. their attitude is, how do we make sure we keep on getting it better? and that's what we'll be talking about on wednesday. >> reporter: mr. obama spoke exclusively to abc's diane sawyer before tomorrow's speech. the president says he'll propose ways to strengthen the economy and tame the federal deficit. that includes congress putting a three-year freeze on domestic spending. the white house says this proposal will save $250 billion. when he proposes no increased taxes for those making less than $250,000 a year. the president answered -- >> i can guarantee the worst thing to do
-old is charged with sexually abusing a child at his home and at camp. he tells the "washington post" he will plead not guilty. >> the family of the victims of that mass shooting are now speaking out. the 39-year-old accused of killing his sister, brother in-law and six others on tuesday night. the family plans to give him the rights to a family home later this week to help care for his grandmother. it is 4:51 right now on friday morning. time for traffic and weather. very light stuff falling right now. for most of the main commuting area. email me at weather ath >> every neighborhood is different in these situations. it's fun and interesting. >> so far, it's nice. it seems like we have dodged a bullet. >> let's look at our raid ar. you can see it's lightly scattered. right now down here we have a batch of light rain a quick picture here. here's the next batch pushing our way. in a will make it here later on this morning. there's a photo for you. a little bit of sleet on the deck. eye wilt at >> love that that person sent in that picture. thank you for doing that. you
from washington this northerning with the latest. viviana? >> reporter: we should have a clear picture of this catastrophe this morning, one with economic damages estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. these pictures show the devastation in haiti, after the strongest earthquake to hit the region in 200 years rocked the poorest nation in the hemisphere. the cell phone video posted on youtube, captures a huge cloud of dust kicked up by the tremor and people's panic. the 7.0 earthquake hit outside port-au-prince. homes, hospitals, part of the national palace, and the united nations headquarters are damaged or destroyed. in a nation where poverty is widespread, structure standards are flimsy, thousands are feared dead. >> there's a lot of people in the street everywhere. some are wounded. badly wounded. >> reporter: witnesses say bodies line the street. overwhelmed hospital workers are pleading for help. >> i'm trying to take care of them. trying to get them stabilized. but it's hard. i have very limited equipment. >> reporter: the obama administration has pledged military disas
california, washington, and the northern rockies. 51 in sacramento. 30s from kansas city to indianapolis. 27 in minneapolis. 50s for most of the east coast. dallas and new orleans hover around 60. >>> when we come back, movie fans just can't get enough. how the science fiction flick fans just can't get enough. how the science fiction flick "avatar" just keeps cashing >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke's odds of winning a second term look much better today than they did on friday. the white house and senators came out in support for him over the weekend. republican leader mitch mcconnell says he expects bernanke to be confirmed with bipartisan support. >>> questions of bernanke's re-election had stocks tumbling on friday. in london, the ftse opened lower as well. the dow plujed 436 points the nasdaq closed at 2205. >>> a new survey shows that businesses expect things to improve in the first half of the year. with demand increasing and credit loosening, 29% of companies expect to hire workers. they say they will increase spending. >>> one company not hiring is sam's club. they're cuttin
snow in northern california, washington, and the northern rockies. 51 in sacramento. 30s from kansas city to indianapolis. 27 in minneapolis. 50s for most of the east coast. dallas and new orleans hover around 60. >>> when we come back, movie fans just can't get enough. how the science fiction flick "avatar" just keeps cashing in. >>> and the saints and the colts will go to the super bowl. care and dedication. our family-owned company has focused on making... the best-tasting sour cream for over four generations. it's made with farm-fresh cream... that's 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. and no added hormones. so you can feel good knowing every creamy dollop... will bring all your favorite dishes to life. ♪ do a dollop, do-do a dollop of daisy ♪ a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. come on. good girl.] mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see t
for quality. >> now japanese leaders are demanding action. viviana hurtado joins us from washington. >>> the japanese trade minister called the scale of the recall huge and it's expected to grow. as it grows, japan called on the world's largest auto make tore regain the confidence. amid reports that toyota had received complaints of runaway cars for years. the indiana pedal supplier said toyota told it this part was not responsible for any of the serious accidents or deaths linked to runaway vehicles. >> they acknowledged toyota that they did not cause any accidents related to that condition of the pedal. >> reporter: reports of these incidents coincided with the company's use of computers to control acceleration, a move seen by some analysts as a cost-cutting measure. >> i think the bulk of the problems have nothing to do with an accelerated pedal or the floor mats. it has to do with other components most likely in the electronics. >> reporter: mostly recalled in the u.s. and china and europe, overwhelmed dealers don't have a resolution. >> we don't have a good answer for them righ
with a washington preview. >> reporter: mr. obama gives his first state of the union address, when support for his policies and leadership is on the decline. in the state of the union address this evening, the president will try to win back voters who once backed him. but then sent republicans to key offices in new jersey, virginia and massachusetts. the speech will focus mainly on the economy, creating jobs, and getting the government's fiscal house in order. speaking exclusively with abc's diane sawyer, mr. obama said, that means reining in the $1.35 trillion federal deficit. >> there aren't any magic solutions to it. it's going to be a slow chipping away. and what i'm going to do is propose a series of measures that show we are serious about it. >> reporter: president obama is proposing to control spending by imposing a pay freeze for political appointees and senior white house staff. and a spending freeze on one-eighth of the budget. this covers less than 1% of what the government spends. but is expected to save $250 billion over ten years. republicans on capitolill are balking at these propos
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Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)